Equipment used by krosswindz:

Hardware: Pentium Core2 Duo pc 4mb ram and 2nd PC Pentium III 800mhz, PCM audio delta 1010lt sound card, Second card sblive value, 256mb RAM.

Software: Vegas4, Cakewalk9, Acid, Reason, Fruity loops, Vienna with tons of soundfonts, Sound forge 4.5, Gigasampler le, Fm7, Ds404, Sr202, Triangle, Crystal etc and other loads of free virtual instruments/

Plugins 2nd pc p3 , 500mhz running Sonar, wavelab 4 and loads of plugins.

Studio hardware instruments

Soundcraft sx mixer, Tannoy reveal active studio monitor speakers,Chandler Tube Driver tube preamp,Pre-sonus tube preamp, Behringer composer pro mdx2200 compresser, Boss gt5 preamp/multi effects, Kurzweil k2500r rack synth/sampler 32 mb ram with scsi cd rom drive, Roland gr 30 guitar synth, Roland tb 303, Roland mini 8 channel mixer, Korg trinity keyboard, Yamaha ys200 keyboard, Zoom st224 sampletrack sampler, Akg c1000s mic, Shure sm 58 mic, Dapic microphone, Sony cassette deck tc fx150, Thomson mp3 vcd acd player/amp, Sony 3 way hifi speakers wooden, Akai mx150 Boombox(best reference monitor), Koss headphones, Patch bays, Gator 6 unit rack flight case.

Guitar/bass equipment

Roland bc60 blues cube guitar amplifier,Fender Frontman 25R, 2 stranger 100 watt guitar amplifiers, Pedals by boss/dod/zoom.

Loads of guitars

Schecter Damien Elite FR,(Tuki is an official endorsee of Schecter Guitars USA),Fender Eric Johnson signature series stratocaster 2 tone sunburst,Frankenstrat with gold lace sensor pickups/1 Fender bronco(vintage 1976), Fender jazz bass, Serena jazz bass, Samick active 5 string bass with seymour duncan pickups, Steinberger headless guitar with emg pickups, Epiphone coronet vintage with paf pickups, Fender

squier affinity series stratocater, Ovation accoustic cutaway,Solitude nylon string, Custom made double neck with fretless piccolo banjo and 6 string electric necks,Custom POD Guitar with Jackson type neck and onboard effects via Pocket POD,Concord guitar strat type with gk2 synth driver,Folk style yamaha accoustic, 12 string accoustic,Korg digital tuners.

Various indian stringed instruments: Do tara, Indian violin, Indian percussion-Tablas, Khol, Khamak, Dhol etc. Harmonium by dwarkin and sons.

Latin percussion: Congas, djembe, timbales, caxixi, guiro, shakers, cowbells, triangles etc.

Drum kit by Yamaha - 22 inch bass drum, 12 inch and 16 inch toms
Zildjian "a" custom ride/hi hats/crash
Roland spd 20 electronic drum kit,
Roland kd7 bass drum unit, Roland e36 keyboard
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