1. Krosswindz has been on a roll and some neat stuff has been happening the last couple of weeks.The BBC Radio London did a full live interview and unplugged concert with KROSSWINDZ. They are playing KROSSWINDZ original song EERSHA METER (bengali album DHOWA),SHUNDORI KOMOLA and ALLAH MEGH DE (album JHIKO JHIKO)on their Radio Channel

2. The song Dhowa from our Bengali album Dhowa has won 3 awards at Garageband.com

Track of the Day
26Jun2008 in Folk Rock
Best Female Vocals
Folk Rock, Week of 19May2008
Best Guitars
Folk Rock Week of 19May2008

3. Krosswindz original song TOMAR OPEKKHA from album DHOWA has been re-released in Banglasdesh in a compilation album featuring bands from India and Bangladesh,the album is titled B ROCK

4.KROSSWINDZ has played many concerts in ASSAM, DELHI, BANGALORE, ORISSA, SIKKIM and WEST BENGAL this year covering the length and breadth of the country.

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