We KROSSWINDZ world music band from Calcutta India toured 6 cities in the US in October 2007- Los Angeles,San Fransisco,Seattle,Atlanta,Chicago andJersey City.We played 7 concerts and 1 Live Radio Broadcast 2 hour unplugged concert for Sandusky Radio Seattle-Kevin Mc Donald Presents,

Primarily a Classic Rock/folk-fusion band,focusing on world music with soulful songs,lyric oriented.Professionally performing concerts all over the world for the last seventeen years. Krosswindz is the music of Bengal and India with a blend of folk music traditions from around the world.The result- a potpouri of sounds deeply rooted in the soil that touches the heart and speaks the common language of humankind.

Music Style- World / Rock, Folk, Ambient Environmental Fusion

Musical Influences John Mc Laughlin,Santana,Eric Johnson(AUSTIN TEXAS),Jimi Hendrix,Pink Floyd,The Beatles.Miles Davis,Indian Musical influences-Padmashree Protima Barua Pandey(Goalpariya-Assamese Folk Exponent and singer),Rabindranath Tagore,Kishori Amonkar,Bhupen Hazarika,Purno Das Baul,Shubha Mudgal,Abida Parveen,Runa Laila,SD Burman,Abbasuddin Ahmed,Lalon fokir, etc.

Similar Artists- Yossou n Dour,Sting,Cranberries,Joni Mitchell,Jimi Hendrix

Artist History band was formed in 1990,has toured all over the sub-continent and 6 cities in USA playing at major festivals,concerts and clubs and has officially released 12 albums. Two of the most famous Bangla songs of Krosswindz are "Prithibita Naki Choto Hote hote" written by Gautam Chatterjee performed by Krosswindz in the album Abar Bocchor Kuri porey and "Jhiko Jhiko"-from the album Jhiko Jhiko Krosswindz.

Krosswindz is renowned for the musical dexterity and virtuoso skill of legendary guitar player Vikramjit Banerjee(tuki)and the unique and mellifluous vocals and gayaki of Chandrani. The band is busy perfoming all over the world along with recording new material for their forthcoming album.

Krosswindz is an accredited and empanneled band with the ICCR(INDIAN COUNCIL FOR CULTURAL RELATIONS NEW DELHI)and are officially enlisted as a premier band of INDIA and they call us when they need us to represent INDIA in festivals abroad.


The album TRIBUTE TO ERIC JOHNSON USA (GRAMMY winning guitarist from Austin Texas) features the dazzling guitar work by Tuki (KROSSWINDZ) on the track SPACE GUITAR. Available in USA and at Val Serrie productions site.

The album THE MUSIC OF THE GLOBE features two tracks by KROSSWINDZ namely ONE WORLD and MAHUT BONDHU which was re-released in USA by independant Washington based label JOE ANTHONY PRODUCTIONS,this album has gone on to become a hot seller from amazon , itunes and other online merchants apart from being popular at conventional music stores like TOWER.

Krosswindz has been a pioneer in the band movement in West Bengal and the first bengali project/collaboration with GAUTAM CHATTERJEE(MONI MAMA)of MOHINER GHORAGULI yielded the anthemic hit Prithibita Naki Choto Hote Hote.Released in 1994 the album AABAR BOCHOR KURI POREY has become a staple amongst music lovers. The collaboration happened when Gautam suggested KROSSWINDZ record and perform one track he had written and set tune to in 1993 and eventually the studio sessions yeilded the astonishing new bengali side of KROSSWINDZ.This song has now been remade by Bollywood in the movie GANGSTER and a hindi version is doing the rounds on all music channels.

Krosswindz has evolved over the early years from being a rock band to a world/fusion band and has gained repute all over the world for its pathbreaking new sound and fresh approach to music.In the early years the band created a tremendous fan following of loyal fans who followed the band and are still avid listeners/audiences, the reputation of the band as being a stupendous live act spread and gigs picked up by the mid nineties and nowadays on an average the band has ten to twelve shows a month.

The music of Krosswindz has been featured in numerous documentary films and commercials.Recently the international multi-award winning film THE WAY BACK HOME by film maker SUPRIYO SEN featured the vocals of CHANDRANI(KROSSWINDZ) in the song Ghore Pherar Gaan (written by Gautam Chatterjee from the album Khyapar Gaan) prominently as the Title track and background score for the film.

The music of Krosswindz is being aired by major FM stations around the world-BBC in UK, in CALCUTTA RADIO MIRCHI,RED FM,AAMAR FM and ALL INDIA RADIO. In AUSTRALIA pbs FM in MELBOURNE is playing the song ONE WORLD by Krosswindz on their show GLOBAL VILLAGE hosted by ROGER HOLDSWORTH.

Krosswindz has been on many major national and international TV shows and reputed production houses like the BBC and MTV have covered Krosswindz on innumerable occassions.

Krosswindz has acted for a feature part in the telefilm called "Aamra Ebong" by noted Calcutta actor/director Parambrata Chatterjee where even the soundtrack of the film has songs from the album -MISIKI MISIKI (FOLK-FUSION) Krosswindz. The song "Morihe Shyam" from this album is the title song of this tele-film.

The band also appears regularly on game shows and interviews on popular Indian TV channels like zee bangla(hau mau khau),Tara Muzik-Take a break and Bandemonium,Sangeet Bangla(metro music and Shudhu Gaane Shudhu Shongeete)etc.Channel S in the UK has telecast a documentary featuring KROSSWINDZ.GAAN BEDHE DOLBAJEE on CTVN PLUS channel.

KROSSWINDZ has one of the highest record sales in the regional market and has had superhit albums like ONE WORLD,JHIKO JHIKO and MISIKI MISIKI selling lakhs of units.Presently Krosswindz is signed to Indian label SAGARIKA MUSIC. KROSSWINDZ has been on the charts at broadjam.com numerous times and a huge number of people have downloaded the band's music from free sites like mp3.com ONE WORLD has entered the Earth Top 10 at Broadjam! ONE WORLD has entered the Production - Mid Tempo Top 10 at Broadjam! ONE WORLD has entered the Pop Top 10 at Broadjam! ONE WORLD has entered the Broadjam #1 Songs Top 10 at Broadjam! ONE WORLD has entered the Production - Female Vocals Top 10 at Broadjam!

Krosswindz rendition of the song TANGRA TOBU KATON JAYE from the album JHIKO JHIKO has been nominated by an AMERICAN company called JPF(CD BABY) in the BEST FOLK SONG category of their music awards http://www.jpfolks.com/MusicAwards/2006/SongNominees.html

Krosswindz has one of the largest ammount of fans in the Indian music scene that spread all over the sub-continent and even to other parts of the world like in the USA,UK,MEXICO,IRELAND following the band avidly and listening with admiration.tower records,cd baby and apple i tunes also stock a healthy quota of the music of KROSSWINDZ and the number of fans is growing each day.

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